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The FAGALI Advocacy is an all-around and professionally specialized legal team with expertise in Anti-Corruption law, Electoral law, Advertising Law, Public, and Compliance Law. The basis of its formation was to provide its clients with exceptionally excellent law practice services, personalized attention, ethical, modern, responsive and of course timely legal interventions, as the industry was becoming competitive.

In compliance, the firm specializes in client support for the acquisition of international certificates, awards on compliance and certificates on anti-corruption measures. It also offers consultancy on the exchange of communication through articles, documents, translations, and related materials. FAGALI Advocacy is also known for its legal services in training, defense, normative mapping, and consultations in Parliamentary Committees of Inquiry. It participates in state prosecution before the Courts of Auditors, jurisprudential mapping, legislative mapping and even Public Controllers.

Spearheading National Electoral Justice
Under Bruno Fagali, the firm offers integral legal actions to ensure electoral justice through accountability, institutional support, and non-partisan adjudication of disputes, intraparty campaign billing, legal aid, and advertising. FAGALI has achieved these feats by means of lectures, external sessions, institutional training and electoral reforms through electoral rights translations.

The Leader of FAGALI Advocacy
Bruno Fagali is a founding partner of the FAGALI Advocacy and a force to reckon with in the legal profession. He is a specialist in contentious areas of law including Public Law, Parliamentary Law, Anti-Corruption, Election and Electoral Laws. Bruno Fagali is also the Coordinator of the Ethics and Advertising Commission as well as a member of the Society of the Corporate Compliance (SCCE).

Fagali has had the honor and privilege to serve in the Radi, Calil and Co. Associates, Manesco Perez & Azevedo Marques Advocates as well as at the Tojal, Teixeira Ferreira, Serrano & Co. Advocates. Bruno Fagali is a Bachelor of Laws holder from the PUC-SP class of 2009 and a Master of Law Degree from the Faculty of Law at USP (class of 2015-2017).

Awards and National Roles
Bruno Fagali won the FGV-GV Award in Law in the 2nd half of 2016. The award is a bimonthly state recognition on outstanding legal personalities. Doubling up in these roles, Bruno Fagali has also served as a trainer in the Institute of Administrative Law in Paulista, while also serving in the Brazilian Society of Public Law as an electoral law expert and consultant.

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