Helping Others

The career of Bruce Levenson is one of both ups and downs. A lot of people look up to the success that he has had in a variety of areas. Not only does he want to help other people get to the next level in life, but he wants to do so in a way that is lasting. A lot of people are ready to start making a difference in the lives of others through their giving. Not only that, but you can start to see how his life skills are a perfect match to help other people with the Do Good Institute, reports PR Newswire. There are many people who are excited about having him on board to help out with his goals and dreams.

Bruce Levenson

From the time he started in business, Bruce Levenson wanted to make a positive impact on the world. Not only that, but he is really excited about some of the other changes that are starting to take place in the economy. If you are ready to build wealth at a high level, he is the type of person who you should go to. He can help you in a variety of ways, especially as it relates to helping other people in your community. While he was with the Atlanta Hawks, he did a great job of involving the community to something that was bigger for them. Over Time, he excels at bringing people together and he is ready to help them in a variety of ways. Now is the time to start thinking about the future as it relates to helping other people get to the next level in life. Bruce Levenson is always going to spend his time and money helping out the local community that he is passionate about, and he is a great example for others.


Madison Street Capital Helps ARES Security Corporation in Raising Investment Capital

Madison Street Capital is an innovative investment banking company. In January 2017, Madison Street Capital helped its client ARES Security Corporation close a low debt investment and minority equity deal. ARES Security Corporation is a risk management firm, based in Vienna, VA, which pioneers in the provision of comprehensive security software solutions to customers. Madison Street Capital acted as financial advisor for their client during the negotiation meetings. Corbel Structured Equity Partners offered minority recapitalization to ARES Security Corporation during the transaction. The success of this arrangement was made public by the head of the company, Charles Botchway.


One of the lead officers who facilitated this deal is Reginald McGaugh. Mr. McGaugh acts as the senior managing director of Madison Street Capital. McGaugh was impressed at how smooth the transaction was and thanked Ben Eazzetta, an investor at ARES Security Corporation. He also acknowledged this firm for excelling in the provision of technology solutions to its vast clientele. According to McGaugh, this company is endowed with an experienced management team that played a huge role in making the transaction a success. Ben also expressed his gratitude to Madison Street Capital for working relentlessly to ensure his company achieves its goal. He also pointed out that the ARES Security Corporation was impressed by the protocol used, including valuation analysis, initial due diligence, and most importantly the procedure for raising the capital. According to the officials at ARES Security Corporation, its partnership with Corbel Structured Equity Partners is one dedicated to raising sufficient equity value. These executives also acknowledged that their partners offer flexible capital solutions that will enable them to grow and increase and their revenue.


Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital has set exceptional standards when it comes to the provision of services, such as valuation of public and private businesses, financial advisory services, mergers, and acquisitions. This firm is dedicated to providing services while employing values of excellence, leadership, and integrity. Madison Street Capital’s services are tailored to make its customers excel in the marketplace. This firm operates on the motto that every client’s goals and objectives are equally important to them. Therefore, when they take over a new project, Madison Street Capital becomes committed to making sure that the client succeeds. When it comes to matters of ownership transfers, mergers &acquisitions transactions, and capital raising activities, this company takes center stage. This enterprise is always looking to fund emerging markets. Madison Street Capital reputation has extended both locally and in the international market.

Great Hair Is Just A Bottle Away

Women are looking for an all natural solution to treat their hair from the effects of heat, perms, and dyes. Wen by Chaz offers a unique blend of organic ingredients that saturate your hair from root to tip and provide unprecedented protection. They eliminate the ordinary shampoo that most women are use to without the harsh additives that threaten to strip or hinder your natural luster.

Chaz Dean is the creator of Wen by Chaz and he is committed to healthy, stronger hair for women and men around the globe. His products hair aide your locks with a blowout, deep cleansing, glossing, and more.

Beautify Your Locks With Wen By Chaz

Wen by Chaz is infused with eleven essential amino acids, vitamin C, and E. They have a unique way of penetrating your hair follicles to remove unwanted oil and any excess dirt. Did you know that by going through your daily routine your hair accumulates 15% more dirt and particles? Discover the popular cleansing conditioner that is chosen by thousands of women around the world to improve circulation and blood flow to their hair scalp. Wen by Chaz safely goes deep within the hair follicles to promote longer healthier hair.

Wen by Chaz Products

– Styling mousse
– Styling products
– All-in-one treatment
– 5 day hair care treatment
– Deep cleansing conditioner
– Aromatherapy
and more…

Experience wonderful fragrances from WEN that include Mandarin Italian, Almond Milk Mint, Lavender, Pomegranate, and more. Give your senses a wake up call while nourishing and strengthening your hair. Build resilient locks that are protected from the elements and the excessive heat of styling tools. Visit the official Wen by Chaz website to learn more about their products or visit the beauty care aisle of select retailers for more.

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Brian Torchin Staffing Solutions for the Healthcare Sector

Philadelphia-based Brian Torchin has built his career on providing healthcare consulting services. He currently serves as Health Care Recruitment Counselors’ president. Through HCRC, Torchin provides staffing solutions for the healthcare industry and over the years, he has built quite a reputation in the field.

According to Behance, clients describe Brian Torchin as attentive and meticulous when it comes to providing employment solutions for both candidates and the different institutions he works with. He takes the time to understand client staffing needs and then tailors solutions to meet those requirements.

Satisfying Clients

Brian Torchin was a chiropractor himself and through his experiences, he learned the needs that physicians have and what is lacking in the industry. He started by managing offices in Florida, Delaware, and Philadelphia and then slowly grew his clientele across the globe.

At present, HCRC has over 200 clients spread across Europe, the US, Asia, and Canada. This clientele comprises of different organizations enterprises and groups. One way that Brian Torchin has been able to acquire a good client base is his positive outlook and dedication to structuring relationships that last and not just for a moment.

He doesn’t just provide solutions to staffing problems, he finds out what the wishes of a client are and ensures they factor in his decisions.

Offering Advice

Through his blog posts, Brian Torchin gives guidance on various staffing issues that can help professionals in the healthcare industry do a better job when recruiting. For example, in one of his posts, he stressed the need for health systems to learn about the latest compensation trends so as to maximize resources and provide appropriate benefits that will attract workers. Torchin takes the time to give tips that physicians can use to avoid common staffing errors.

Dr. Mayer Green from Consultants of America, who has worked with Torchin praised him as having unmatched professionalism, integrity, and honesty.

HCRC concentrates on the staffing needs of chiropractic practices specifically and helps with finding physical therapists, nurses, front desk assistants, office managers, chiropractors and more. Additionally, HCRC provides nationwide search services, consulting, and staff training, which is cost-effective for most clients.

Learn more about Brian Torchin:

How Dr. Villanueva Is Changing The Face Of Dental Care

Dr. Christ Steven Villanueva is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of MB2 Dental Solutions. MB2 Dental Solutions provides affiliated dentists with all the support they need to run their business so that their time is freed to concentrate on their patients. Dr. Villanueva has run his own practice and been involved in the corporate dentistry side of the market. He started MB2 Dental Solutions because he had a clear vision of what dentists needed in order to operate their practices. Today the company has 70 affiliated dental locations in six states and employees over 500 people. The company is headquartered in Carrollton, Texas.

Dr. Villanueva has said that when he graduated from dental school there were really only two options available; join a large practice or start a private practice. He came up with the idea where you could get the best of both worlds; the support and technological advantages of a large practice as well as the autonomy of owning your own business. MB2 Dental Solutions was his answer and is what he provides to his clients. He has built MB2 Dental Solutions primarily on the people, including his employees and member dentists, rather than on other issues such as proprietary software, marketing idea, etc. Those other issues are important, of course, but he believes having the right people and establishing a community is the most important part of his business.

His philosophy in running the business is to hire smart people for positions and then stay out of their way. Dr. Villanueva thinks that a big mistake many CEO’s make is to be too involved in the day-to-day operations and end up micromanaging their staff.

Like almost all industries, the field of dentistry is being remade due to rapid advancements in technology. Dr. Villanueva is excited about how technology changes the industry and all of the new technology on the horizon.

The founding principle that Dr. Villanueva established with MB2 Dental is that dentists working together can accomplish more together rather than working entirely separately. He has said that his company is offering a fresh perspective on how to operate a dental management firm that allows the dentists to focus on what they do best, which is patient care.



Check out Bustle for Tips on Wen by Chaz Dean

When you get home at night from a long day at work, do you head straight to the shower? Do you feel like no matter how much shampoo you use, you simply cannot get a healthy head of hair? Do you think that you are simply not using enough shampoo? If so, you should know that the amount you are using, most likely is not the right amount.

Wen hair care products will give a recommendation on how much product to use on your head of hair. The longer and thicker your hair is, the more products it recommends you using. Someone will feel like the amount is not accurate, however, the amount has been tested by people with all lengths of hair and I promise you, the amount is accurate.

If you want to see for yourself, on the Bustle website, you will see a story about a girl who was not sure about using the product and decided that she wanted to try the product for herself. She wanted to see if the things people were saying about the product were actually right. For this reason, she made a site that made it possible for you to see what the products are actually like when using them appropriately. Here, you will get an unbiased opinion and this allows you to see what and if you want to actually try the products.

It will take some time but eventually you will begin to see a difference in your hair and if you continue using the products long term, you will have healthy looking hair in just a few short weeks. Wen hauir care products are available on Sephora and online:


To learn more about the brand, visit their Twitter page.

The company profile can be found on

David Giertz Discusses Important Financial Matters

At 52 years of age, David Giertz has an experience of 30 years in his finance career. During his career he has served as the senior Vice president of Nationwide Financial distribution and Sales Nationwide Life Insurance Company since April 2013. Additionally, David Giert has also served as the president of Financial Distributors since March 2013.Due to his financial expertise he has also served as Director, senior vice president and president in many organizations.

David is a financial advisor having passed the required four exams and currently works for Nationwide Investment Service Corporation on Facebook. He is a registered broker and offers his services to the organizations involved in selling and buying of securities such as bonds, shares and debentures. He engages with firms that are registered as security dealers and can trade on behave of these firms or on his own account. David Giertz seems to conduct all his businesses in a professional manner and has not had any disclosures to the body that regularizes financial advisors. Disclosures involves telling of any issues that may prevent proper performance of the financial advisors. The issues raised under the disclosure section include customer complaints, personal interests, and professional conduct among other issues.

David Giertz speaks about people’s misconception about social security and states that the issue results on Nationwide in less income or unanticipated taxes to the retirees. In this case he advises people to have a retirement plan that will maximize the benefits that people get from social security. The plan involves an activity that generates income to ensure that people secure their livelihoods after retirement at He emphasizes that social security is a sensitive issue and that people should handle it with care to avoid disappointments when they retire. He further emphasizes that people should not rely on just what they get as social security but should have a way of making the best out of what they get.

The Rise of Marc Sparks, Dallas-Based Serial Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist

Marc Sparks is an astute businessman and philanthropist from Dallas who strongly believes that no one should enjoy his or her success and wealth alone. After completing his high school diploma, he ventured in different startups. Marc did not proceed to college or university, and he attributes his success in business to his strong faith in God and a positive mental attitude.

The Timber Creek Capital is one of the most successful endeavors of Marc. He founded this company with the sole objective of assisting passionate and promising entrepreneurs in turning their business dreams into income-generating products and services. This company offers a variety of services ranging from legal and banking services to web development and graphics.

Timber Creek Capital also provides office space and equipment and is also a platform for entrepreneurs to share ideas and network. Today, this company has relocated to a spacious facility to allow the incubation of more startups in their facility.

Other companies that this visionary entrepreneur has purchased or found are the Cobalt Real Estate Services, Splash Media, Blue Jay Wireless, and Cardinal Telecom LLC. In 2015, Marc founded the Bonn Oir Company, an established manufacturer of vodka, and also Uncle Marc Food Delivery, a business that provides food delivery services in Dallas.

Others that he successfully started and sold in the past are the Agency Matrix, Reliant Healthcare, the GlobalTec Solutions, and Boxstart LLC.

Mark Sparks’ venture capitalism programs have garnered both successes and helped many business-minded people become successful entrepreneurs. Venture capitalism is very risky, and Mark has had a hard time assessing and reviewing the speculations in various businesses.

However, given his passion, outstanding interest in business, and speculating eyes that are always on point he had obtained success from venture capitalism.

Marc Spark also has the heart for the less fortunate people in the society. He is an active philanthropist in different charitable organizations in Dallas. Marc has contributed heavily to the building of a house for the needy through the Habitat for Humanity initiative.

Also, he established the Sparky’s Kids with the main aim of helping the underprivileged youths in Dallas to continue their education. Marc has also contributed charitable initiates such as donating one thousand computers to economically disadvantaged families through the American Can Academy.

He has further involved with the Samaritan Inn for more than 20 years in providing a shelter for the homeless in Texas.

Securus Technologies And Their Battle With GTL

Securus Technologies has clients in law enforcement, public safety and corrections facilities. Their focus is to serve and protect. They try to make the world a safer place. Their headquarters is located in Texas. Securus has made corrections to a GTL release in order to clarify numerous incorrect claims.


The first allegation stated GTL was seeking injunctions for damages from Securus regarding a patent. The Patent Appeals Board agreed to move forward with the lawsuit filed by GTS. The correction made by Securus states that due to the case being stayed in Federal Court GTL cannot seek the relief they claim they are owed. Securus is going ahead with a rehearing and the patent has not yet been validated. For this reason GTL can no longer seek an injunction.


The second allegation involves the technology used by Securus for visitor monitoring purposes. This system is required in jails and prisons in the United States who use a system for visualization.


The third allegation states the PTAB decided all innovations can receive a patent. This allowed GTL go back to court to protect their technology. Securus responded by saying the PTAB did not make this determination and said they would review the claim instead. No decision has been reached as to whether GTL will be able to go back to the courtroom.


The fourth allegation claimed GTL was within a few months of going back to court. They said three patents were targeted by Securus. Securus corrected this statement by saying they are not months away from a court date. Securus believes they do not use and of GTL’s technology.


The fifth allegation seeks damages for the patented technologies of GTL being used by Securus. Securus says they do not use any of their technology so no infringement has occurred.


The sixth and final allegation claims Securus has a pattern of suing their competitors and are now putting their claims in the media. Securus says this information is false.

I Don’t Need Gold – My Stocks Keep Rising: Fallacy

United States stocks have had quite an impressive run since March 6, 2009 when the Dow Jones was a mere 6,626.94 – hitting a bottom. Now, experts are discussing the possibilities for Dow Jones 20,000. So, why would anyone need to consider gold when stocks are rising, so high?


“All good things must come to end”


If you followed the top financial media, then you should be a billionaire. They are like realtors, who say “now is a great time to buy.” In fact, as the Dow Jones approached 20,000 the Wall Street Journal made the following statement: “Perhaps this rally hasn’t ended. Perhaps it has just begun.”


Fact check: The rally has been going on for 8 years. It has already broken records. Heretofore, other bull markets did not last that long.


“Buy Low, Sell High”


The vast majority of investors don’t follow the simple maxim of “buying low.” Instead, they “buy high.” You would be making the same error if you made stock purchases, recently.


Some astute investors purchased their stocks in 2008 and sold them in 2015 or so. Billionaire George Soros sold his stocks a couple years back and moved his funds into gold. Perhaps, the best policy is to sell a portion of your “profit-making” stocks and buy some gold. Who knows?


“Putting Money in Gold”


Many stock trading professionals will “take some profits after a certain percentage gain.” Then, instead of leaving the money in cash, they might buy a little gold. Did you know that some wealthy families store their gold bars in Swiss bank accounts? This is old family wealth that might go back centuries.


You might not have the opportunity to replicate their actions, if not for US Money Reserve and other firms. “If you want to be rich, do what rich people do.” Rich people own gold. US Money Reserve allows regular people to buy gold.


You could add a single gold coin, if you want. The gold IRA is also a possibility. The US government has made it legal for you to place some of your retirement dollars into gold. Obviously, the US government understands the value of gold.


“All good things must come to an end.” You might not know why, you might not know when, but they will. Don’t be caught unawares, like in 2008, buy US Money Reserve gold to prepare.


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