DeVoses and More!

Dick DeVos is a top U.S. public persona who holds more than 18,000 Facebook and Twitter followings altogether, not to mention hundreds of relevant business and personal followings on LinkedIn. He has worked hard alongside his wife of many years, U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, to fund and further support countless U.S. charity organizations and individuals needing philanthropic support. He has recently passed $139 in total donations and holds that amount as only a small number in comparison with his plans for future contributions though he holds that such a number is not small, when one really considers its full implications.


Dick was also none other than the NBA Orlando Magic President and CEO from 1991 to 1993 and later held his own as CEO of Amway Global up until 2002, when he became President of the Windquest Group. He is still President there. He is also a fierce supporter of the conservative values and educational rights of many in today’s American, postmodern culture; he holds that now, more than ever, is the perfect time for America to re-align its values to what really matters in life. That’s why he has given so much money to help reform the education system in America; he has also funded countless solid Republican candidates who have ran for numerous positions. His wife is no less a firm believer and an avid supporter of such causes and right as well; she is, after all, our Secretary of Education, is she not?


Dick notes that it all happens from beautiful downtown Grand Rapids, Mich., where he resides. That is where the thought bubble process begins, where the brainstorming is at its fiercest and where the checks get sent out from; he can’t even keep count of all the places and people that he has helped, but he knows – and his wife affirms – that they are many. To give more than $139 million dollars away is no easy feat, as one can imagine, much less is earning that money in the first place. Nonetheless, those who are given much are always expected to give much back in return, as that is a crucial life motto that the DeVoses make sure to never forget.


When you think about their giving success and status for the year 2015, alone, you’ll perhaps be shocked and inspired altogether to find that the DeVoses generously gave more than $11 and a half million dollars to numerous charities around the globe. Every year adds up as you can imagine. Imagine their totaled contributions, for example, in the year 2050; that number hopes to truly astound many proud Americans. That is the very direction in which Dick sets his course.

Logan Stout’s Amazing Leadership Qualities

Logan Stout is the CEO of IDLife, a company he founded in 2004. He is also the founder and CEO of Dallas Patriots Inc. Logan trains people who are passionate about business and want to learn about how to manage a business. Many people are capable of owning a business but might not know how to begin. Logan offers encouragement and leadership skills to help entrepreneurs to start businesses.

Logan Stout is a native of Richardson, Texas. He went to J.J Pearce H.S. Logan was an excellent student and succeeded in baseball and basketball at Pearce. However, Logan was more passionate about baseball which he pursued professionally. Logan has played baseball for successful teams and has coached various teams such as at Dallas Baptist University. Not only is Logan Stout a former baseball player but also the founder and CEO of Premier Baseball Academy that provides indoor training classes such as Hitting League and arm Velocity among others.

Mr. Stout was also a worship leader and youth minister at the First United Methodist Church of Coppell. He graduated from Panola with a business degree and from The University of Dallas with a psychology degree. Logan has been featured in many broadcasts and publications involving sports, leadership, and business.

In a nutshell, Logan Stout is a philanthropist, a couch, an entrepreneur, leadership trainer, an established author and a motivational speaker. He has collaborated with other writers and speakers such as John C. Maxwell to help spread his ideas, leadership skills, and business management strategies. Logan’s book “Stout Advice” talks about the secrets of building yourself, people and teams. The book quickly became one of the best-selling books.

His latest organization IDLife is a business company that sells organic nutritional supplements for both nutritional and weight management purposes achieving fitness goals. IDLife has grown collaborating with prominent business owners such as Jen Widerstorm, Troy Aikman, and Garmin International to enhance ID Wellness features. Logan is passionate about helping people regardless of their age, background and educational level.

Hussain Sajwani Serves Up Breathtaking Opulence

Hussain Sajwani has a flair for luxury property development and his projects are for the most part spectacular. The Damac owner has spent decades cultivating business acumen and his efforts in high-end properties are highly sought after. He’s truly a business titan with few equals. However, he has rubbed shoulders with one who can match his breathtaking developments with Damac. Donald Trump has a list of accomplishments that are equally spectacular. It’s only natural then that the two titans should collaborate and put forth a project together. The Trump International Golf Club is the result of their partnership and it is a resounding success.

Hussain Sajwani and Damac are open to doing more deals with the Trump Organization. Of course, Donald Trump is quite busy these days serving as the President of the United States. The Hussain Sajwani family has ties with Donald Trump’s family and more deals could conceivably happen. With Mr. Trump excusing himself from the day-to-day business operations of the Trump empire, his children are assuming control.

Ivanka, Eric and Donald Jr. are all well known to Hussain Sajwani and more projects could arise. Sajwani’s wife maintains friendly relations with Ivanka and they stay in touch via emails. Hussain Sajwani and his wife often meet them for lunch and dinners; he explains that the relationships are friendly and not just business oriented. Globally, the Trump children have often represented the Trump brand among many business and political elites.

Hussain Sajwani was an astute youngster who watched his parents in their own business dealings as he grew up. Following in his father’s footsteps he started his own business in 1982. His initial foray into the business world was in food service with a catering company. It is still in operation today and is part of the Damac Group. They are leaders in their field serving over 200 projects and 150,000 meals daily. They have received awards over the years including recognition from the US military for their achievements during Desert Storm.

Damac Properties has enjoyed phenomenal growth over the years due to Sajwani’s leadership. He recognized early on the potential when the UAE changed their rules regarding foreign ownership of property in their country. Damac has earned their place in the high-end luxury development category.


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Jeremy L. Goldstein Is A Highly Experienced Attorney Specializing In Corporate Governance

The residents of New York have a new option for locating an attorney. A Lawyer referral program has been launched by the New York State Bar Association and is available 24 hours daily. The lawyers credentials have been reviewed and they have a good legal standing. The online technology was developed with a partnership between and the New York State Bar Association.


A person needing an attorney goes to the website and fills out a confidential questionnaire. This is reviewed by the staff of the State Bar and the person is matched with a lawyer. The State Bar can forward the request to 17 different counties. All referrals are free and the person is not required to retain the attorney. If the attorney is retained the fees are between the attorney and client. The referral program has been in operation for 35 years and now used new technology capable of helping attorneys increase their client base. The New York State Bar Association has 72,000 members and is the biggest voluntary State Bar association anywhere in the nation. They were originally founded in 1876.


Jeremy L. Goldstein is one of the partners at a boutique law firm called Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. The firm is dedicated to advising CEO’s, corporations, compensation committees, and management teams. They specialize in matters of corporate governance and executive compensation especially concerning sensitive situations and the transformation of corporate events. Jeremy L. Goldstein filled the position of partner at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz before he founded a firm of his own.


Jeremy L. Goldstein has been a part of numerous corporate transactions in the past ten years including United Technologies acquisition of Goodrich. Jeremy L. Goldstein earned his J.D. at the New York University School of Law, his M.S. at the University of Chicago, and his B.A. at Cornell University.


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Why did Eva Moskowitz found Success Academy and what were her education goals?

In 2006, parent, former teacher and school board member Eva Moskowitz founded Success Academy, a charter school network that currently has 41 schools and educates more than 14,000 students around the city.


Why Eva Moskowitz founded Success Academy and what her education goals were, however, is not widely known. Even though Success Academy is now one of the best charter school systems in the country.


Why did Eva Moskowitz found Success Academy?


That was due to what she saw as a parent in the New York City school district, and how she realized most children from low-income backgrounds would never succeed in education or in life simply because they were not being given the educational tools to do so.


So Eva Moskowitz got the funding together and started her own charter school network.


A network that concentrated on teaching children critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, self-advocacy, a belief in their own abilities and fueled it all with access to some of the best equipment and a superb school curriculum.


What were her educational goals?


To give every child that was educated at Success Academy an education they could be proud of, and to set them up for a future of success.


Eva Moskowitz then rounded out her well-taken care of school properties, her equipment and her curriculum with a strict disciplinary code that ensured students could learn while in the classroom without disruption while also feeling safe.


All of this has meant Success Academy students now test in some of the highest testing brackets in the state for several core subjects.


They also excel in national chess competitions, have taken part in prestigious track and field events where Success Academy teams have done exceptionally well, and are making a name for themselves as some of the best students in the state.


Moskowitz has not stopped there, however. Three more New York city Success Academy schools will open in the next year, with even more planned after that.

Hussain Sajwani – Helping Develop Real Estate Sphere in the Middle East

Hussain Sajwani is a well-established businessman and is a self-made real estate tycoon based in Dubai. He is the founder as well as the present Chairman of Damac Properties, one of the most reputed real estate development firms in the Middle East. The company has projects under development in many other locations in the Middle East and has also developed projects in the United States and the United Kingdom. The company is known to offer luxurious residential and commercial complexes that are known to suit perfectly the taste of modern buyers and investors.



The real estate properties designed and developed by Damac Properties are reliable and of high-quality, using only the best raw materials sourced from the world over. The company has a pool of engineers from around the world and in most of the properties; the designs of the construction are developed by highly acclaimed designers such as Versace, Fendi, and more. The company also has a unique approach when it comes to marketing, and the company engages various marketing policies to get the attention of the buyers positively.



In many projects, Damac owner has announced that the unit owners would get a Bentley or a Mercedes free with the purchase. Such marketing policies help in getting the project sold off quickly. So far the company has engaged in developing 16,800 residential buildings and offered more than 44,000 units to the customers, which speaks about the scale of work the company has completed in a short duration.



Hussain Sajwani has done his graduation from the University of Washington in Industrial Engineering and Economics. After completing his studies, he worked at an oil company named Gasco, but couldn’t continue the job for long as his entrepreneurial instincts started kicking in. It is for this reason he started Al Jazeera Services, a catering services firm that till date serves close to or more than 150,000 meals every day. Hussain Sajwani is also friends with Donald Trump, and Hussain Sajwani family is also acquainted with the Trump’s family well. Hussain Sajwnani continues to develop close ties with the leaders in the real estate sphere from across the globe to help push the expansion efforts for Damac Properties.


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Securus Technologies – Crime Prevention Technology at Its Best

Securus Technologies is one of the leading criminal justice technology companies offering its broad range of products and services. The company has won many awards over the years for its dedication to exceptional quality service to its customers who are mainly law enforcement, correction officers, inmates and their family members. At the Customer Sales and Service World Awards, their service team has won six awards which include individuals, departments, and teams. The winners will be honored on June 26 at the SVUS Red Carpet Awards Ceremony Dinner.


Securus Technologies is committed to introducing newer and enhanced tools and processes to ensure that their employees can provide the best service to their customers. They understand that it is only through excellent service that the company can increase their customer base and also make America safe again. The company has it’s headquarter in Dallas in Texas which their customers and prospective customers are free to visit to learn more about the products of the company and how they can customize to fit the needs of their customers.


One of the most popular products of Securus Technologies is the LBS Software. Being a detective, I am trained to find evidence to solve any case. But the problem arises when the family members and the informants lie to our face for different reasons. After the LBS software had been introduced in our department, it made our lives much easier. We can listen to the suspect talking to their family members or his accomplices and get relevant evidence to prosecute them. I am not the only one who feels this way. All other officers in our department are proud to be associated with Securus Technologies who ensures that the correct person is arrested and put behind bars. Apart from this, it has also helped us find the innocent party in the case and prevent them from taking the fall for a crime they have not committed.


Wild Ark: An Organization To Help People Understand The Importance Of Protecting The Environment

Wild Ark is a company with a mission. To offer their customers a glimpse of nature in all its beauty like that have never seen before. The idea of going to some of the most beautiful natural places that the earth has to offer is something that everyone has probably dreamed about at some point in time. Wild Ark is here to make that a reality by providing some of the most enticing stays that give their customers a real wilderness experience. But the primary purpose of Wild Ark is not only to give the people a glimpse of all the beauty that nature has to offer but also to protect it in every way so they can preserve it for future generations.


People all over the world need to be inspired to take care of nature and want to preserve it. Wild Ark tries their very best to give people that inspiration that they need to go on and to their bit to help the earth. The organization aims to help people connect with nature once again, and tries to help them understand what they can do to help the environment.


The organization is international in every sense, considering that it is run by people coming from different parts of the world. The people that make up the team are dedicated to their purpose to contribute to making a difference. They work tirelessly to ensure that the organization’s mission is met.


Wild Ark believes that the best way to educate people on protecting the environment is by giving them experiences that help them understand the importance of having a sustainable environment. With that idea in mind, the team at Wild Ark has put together some of the best trips that their customers can take to experience all the glory that nature has to offer while understanding their part in the process of safekeeping it. The organization has destinations all over the world that their customers can opt for and experience this. Right from South Africa to Alaska, Wild Ark offers their clients a wide range of options to choose from, which they can select according to what they would want to do and which place they would like to see.


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The NewSQL Elastic Database – NuoDB

And then there were three. First SQL database, then NoSQL, and now there’s a third option NewSQL NuoDB.

Truly elastic, NuoDB is a cloud SQL distributed object cloud architecture. A tiered approach allows your databases to stretch and bend on command for whatever your needs are with a simple click. Whether you are just setting up and require just two servers, to those moments when you need to scale up five servers to deal with unexpected high traffic, and then back down to two servers after everything cools off… And then back up to three, just to be safe.

With NuoDb, all of those things are not only possible, but also relatively painless. NuoDB’s cloud database easy user interface you allows you to add layers of transaction managers and storage managers. This gives you on-demand, elastic scalability that can handle one million transactions per second. Using peer-to-peer messaging routing tasks to nodes, while also being fully ACID compliant.

NuoDB also backs up in the cloud and now features support deploying active-active databases across multiple Amazon Web Services availability zones.

Richard Mishaan Design, Expansive Quality and Design

Colombian born interior designer, Richard Mishaan, is best in class. His career spans over 20 years and exemplifies his profound ability as a professional mix master. Richard Mishaan Design arranges elements from different pieces to create a juxtaposition. For the last 18 years, Richard Mishaan has lived just outside Central Park. This is where him and his wife raised their current college age children. The apartment they share has become quite the testament to their appreciation of decor. Richard Mishaan claims to be very picky about the organization of the apartment.


On their walls hang a variety of pieces ranging from grass droplets to scenes. Richard claims the apartment is much like a lab, because of the experimentation he does with many different art and decor pieces. His wife confirms that he is always trying new things. Richard Mishaan says that he is always working to create a context that are indicative of his clients’ lives. Richard Mishaan and his wife share an apartment that is ripe with visual drama. Richard Mishaan loves to discover things, and it is this motive that leads him to mix and match thus creating endless new pieces. His method is far from familiar, but his works are surely memorable.


Richard Mishaan Design is comprised of services in architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture. The Mishaan design one is an expansive one, including knowledge of fashion, architecture, interior design and cultural roots. These things together provide Mishaan a deep understanding of quality design.


Richard Mishaan was born in Colombia and began his career as an apprentice for Phillip Johnson. This was soon after earning a degree from New York University and attending school for architecture. Mishaan is accomplished in more than just the design industry. He has also authored two published books, “Modern Luxury” and “Artfully Modern”.



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