Lime Crime Has the “In” Color

Lime Crime has the boldest most vibrant colors for your makeup box, and they are in the know with the latest trends. The trending color of the Spring season is purple, and Lime Crime has many fun ways to incorporate the color of Spring into your daily makeup routine.

Lime Crime has highlighter palettes that have opalescent hues of the “in” color such as lavender and seashell, a sparkling lavender. The Venus palettes also have flattering purple hues to bring out your eyes. Or you could go bold and dye your hair one of the pretty purples that they come in such as Juicy, Pony, and Aesthetic.

You should begin your makeup routine with a foundation. a foundation will smooth everything out and will hide any imperfections. It will also help your makeup to stay looking great all day. For double duty, you will also want to make sure that your foundation also has SPF protection as well.

An eyeliner is a great way to add dimension and will draw attention to your eyes, and it only takes a few minutes. There are many different ways to use an eyeliner. you can make wings, create cat eyes, or pretty much anything else you can think up. You will want to use a good, high-quality liquid eyeliner. Starting out with the right tool for the job will make the application of your eyeliner much easier and will be more likely to turn out the way that you want.

Radiant skin is another trend that is not going to go away anytime soon. You will want to stay hydrated and have a good beauty routine that involves washing your face daily and using moisturizer. Treat your skin well and take the time to keep it healthy. Beauty comes from within and doesn’t take much effort at all.

There are so many ways to add a splash of purple to your makeup routine. Whether you go with bold or barely-there purple, you will be trendy, and if you don’t already wear purple, you may find that it is now one of your favorites.

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