Lime Crime: A Revolution in Makeup

The Lime Crime makeup brand is full over bright and uniquely trendy makeup, and are a favorite of trend setters like GaloreMag. All of their makeup is certified vegan and cruelty free. The brand prides itself on creating makeup that allows its customers to express themselves freely and be exactly who they want to be. The company is based out of Los Angeles, California. It was one of the original internet based makeup brands.

Doe Deere is the brand’s founder and CEO. She considers herself a rebel which easily explains the inspiration behind the brand. She is heavily involved in all aspects of the company. Doe was inspired to launch this makeup company in 2008, because she wanted makeup that matched her eccentric and colorfully bright wardrobe. Her biggest inspiration are the Unicorns in her mind.

The Lime Crime Facebook page is just as bright and colorful like the makeup brand itself. The page has over 1 million followers. The sight posts about events they are a part of, promotional deals, product launches, tutorials, and links to their other social media sites.

The lip colors come in either a matte or metallic finish. They also come in a rainbow of colors. You have every choice from wearable pinks to midnight blues and everything in between. This line of lip color definitely lives up to the makeup company’s mission statement of always rebelling, and never boring.

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