Jeremy Goldstein and the Humanistic Element in Corporate Law

A legal referral service is now available statewide to New York residents. The website at provides 24/7 service to those seeking an attorney. The service was previously available only via telephone. Submitting a profile of the client’s unique needs makes matching them with an attorney quick and easy. The attorney also has the benefit of determining which clients fit best for their practice. The time and money savings are huge for both parties; the client only pays a $35 consultation fee if deemed necessary and appropriate. Attorney’s such as Jeremy L. Goldstein are among the many leading service providers available to assist.


Jeremy L. Goldstein, partner of Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, LLC specializes in corporate governance and sensitive legal issues involving executive and managerial wages. His extensive experience featuring many Fortune 500 companies is impressive. He’s assisted in some of the most complex and largest corporate law issues in modern times. His previous experience with another prominent firm placed him well ahead of the competition; leading to opening his boutique firm specializing in the issues he’s passionate about.


Jeremy Goldstein is fortunate to have a well versed educational background to support his expertise. His undergraduate degree is from Cornell University in Art History, which he graduated with honors. He went on to earn a Master’s Degree in the same area, and eventually earned a Juris Doctor (Law) degree from New York University. His works have been published in their legal journal as well as contributions to Harvard University’s business publication on corporate governance.


Jeremy Goldstein also plays an active role in the community he serves. His background in the arts has helped him in the social services arena as well. Serving as a director for a local charity devoted to helping those with mental illness. He’s also worked with the well-known Make a Wish Foundation, also serving in a leadership role. Goldstein is clearly a great choice when seeking a lawyer who understands not only the law but the human element that affects those seeking representation as well.


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