George Soros Meets with Influential Liberals and Democratic Politicians in Washington Days Following the 2016 Presidential Election

Five days after the 2016 Presidential Election, George Soros met with influential liberals and democratic leaders in Washington, DC. The purpose of the three-day conference was to discuss ways to block the administrative agenda of president elect Donald Trump. Politico Online News said on November 14th, Soros joined other political donors, union leaders, and politicians to discuss the future and reassessment of Democracy Alliance (DA). They plan to regain power in congress and the senate by concentrating on the 2017 and 2018 elections. The group gathered at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel with its first session held on Sunday night, November 13th.

A major discussion among the topics at the three-day event was the remaining of financial donations in the campaign contributions. Attendees comprised of George Soros, Nancy Pelosi, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Keith Ellison, Gara LaMarche, and union leaders. It was the first conference held since the Hillary presidential campaign loss, with the last day on Wednesday, November 15th. Democratic politicians plan to stop the 100-Day Trump Plan to overthrow President Omaba’s accomplishments while serving office. Liberals are presently reassessing their approach to politics and the role of Democracy Alliance.

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DA plays an important role by implementing strategies based on ideas to persuade and attract minorities and women voters to elect democrats as leaders. A democratic leader who attended the meeting said at one of the sessions DA should be questioned. The strategist criticized the organization of being a social club which includes a few wealthy donors and labor union officials. Thus, the democratic party is suffering while they are drinking wine and reading memorandums, the strategist continued. Liberals who attended the conference are active in the organization and provided feedback on the accomplishments and status of Democracy Alliance.

The President of DA, Gara LaMarche spoke to campaign donors and informed them some reassessments are in the making. He told Politico DA and campaign strategists made devastating errors and lost the elections based on assumptions and ineffective tactics. His advice to liberals, union leaders, and democrats is to perform a thorough reassessment without blame and recrimination. LaMarche also said the process will not be hurried as they prepare resistance to the Trump administration. Other sessions focused on protecting Obamacare, working class votes, polling, and directing donations to winning States won by republicans.

George Soros and other members of Democracy Alliance plan to start contributing financially, targeting the legislative policy in republican states. George Soros established DA with Peter Lewis and political donors during the John Kerry presidential campaign against George W. Bush. The organization now has over 100 members, including George Soros, Donald Sussman, Tom Steyer, labor union leaders, and liberal non-profits to help support the democratic party.

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    Members are required to contribute a minimum of $200,000 annually to organizations and pay $30,000 in yearly fees to fund DA. The next scheduled meeting hasn’t been released to the media, but will most likely happen within the next couple of months. That is main reason why assignment writing help and could also help these ones to understand what is truly involved in getting all these things together.

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