Fabletics-Changing the Athleisure Market

Fabletics is a brand that people like because it is not only convenient, but it is a brand that promotes healthy living and is affordable. The designs are fun and practical and the advocate of Fabletics, Kate Hudson, is likable. She also endorses her own brand. Customers are much more likely to buy a product when the endorser actually uses the product they are promoting.


Kate Hudson is s great fit for the company. She is very involved with Fabletics and oversees a lot of the behind-the-scenes that are required to keep the company growing. Hudson is passionate about the company and uses the information collected by the lifestyle Quiz to give her customers exactly what they want. When new members join Fabletics, they can fill out a Lifestyle Quiz that helps to provide a personalized shopping experience for them. It also gives Fabletics a better idea of what their customers are looking for.


Fabletics didn’t grow into success overnight but instead gradually got more successful. The company took its time and really got to know the culture of its culture base before really scaling into a $250 million dollar company. The company realized that there was no athleisure brand that offered workout wear that would really get someone motivated to work out. Also, the prices on athleisure wear were expensive and unaffordable for most people. Fabletics changed the concept that something has to be expensive to be of good quality.


Fabletics has also avoided getting affected negatively by what is known as “reverse showrooming.” This is when shoppers browse merchandise only to buy it elsewhere at a lower price. Fabletics has about 30 to 50 percent of their shoppers in their stores that are already members, and typically another 25 percent decide to join. It doesn’t matter where their customers shop, either because it all counts towards their items for the month.


The company currently has over 20 retail stores and has big plans for expansion. They are expecting to grow quickly in the upcoming years as well.


Fabletics has become a leader in the athleisure brand, and it continues to grow. Celebrities such as Demi Lovato has fully embraced the brand as well, and they love that Fabletics is about empowerment and about feeling great in your skin. Although Hudson doesn’t have any plans to retire as an actress, she is still very involved and passionate about Fabletics.

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