Clayton Hutson: Audio Engineer and Production Artist

Clayton Hutson is an Audio Engineer and successful business owner who provides professional technical and creative services to performing musicians. In his early years he studied Theater Design at University and was employed by many companies within the live music and performance industry. He eventually elevated himself to project manager and began to hone his skills as a talented audio engineer. Clayton later made the leap to start his own managing firm that specializes in producing and managing live concerts.


Clayton’s most notable clients have been Guns n’ Roses, Kid Rock, and Pink.

In a recent project during OneRepublic’s Honda Civic Tour, Hutson showed his true grit operating the impressive automatic rigging system used during the performances. He followed the tour both North America, and Asia summer of 2017.


In a recent article from BroTalk, Clayton mentioned his decision process for starting his own business. When seeing hard times falling on his employer, he saw an opportunity. After sharpening his knowledge of the industry, and after developing a variety of valuable skills, Clayton decided that starting his own firm was the right decision. Since his decision to step out on his own he his abilities have been tested by a considerable amount of risks, but his perseverance and creativity in a pinch gave him confidence to grow a successful business.


Clayton has proven his creative talent as he produces professional, innovative ideas for performing musicians. His meticulous attention to detail, and passion for producing original ideas is what makes his business successful. Recently in his interview Clayton described his process in taking a new idea and actually bringing it to fruition. “My work experiences at concerts help me separate realistic ideas from pipe dreams. Computer aided design plays a major role in this process.” he said in an article from . Clayton says the most important part of his planning process is attention to venue dimensions; “…innovative equipment becomes useless when it’s too wide for the performance venue’s entrances.”


Clayton mentioned the most influential quotes for his journey have been from Thomas Jefferson, Vince Lombardi, and a particularly entertaining quote from W.C Fields about persistence and never giving up.


Clayton’s goal is to produce visually appealing quality design, as well as professional audio production for performing artists. His passion is creating an immersive experience for individuals to captivate the senses, while supporting and complimenting the art of musical performers. Learn more:

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