I Don’t Need Gold – My Stocks Keep Rising: Fallacy

United States stocks have had quite an impressive run since March 6, 2009 when the Dow Jones was a mere 6,626.94 – hitting a bottom. Now, experts are discussing the possibilities for Dow Jones 20,000. So, why would anyone need to consider gold when stocks are rising, so high?


“All good things must come to end”


If you followed the top financial media, then you should be a billionaire. They are like realtors, who say “now is a great time to buy.” In fact, as the Dow Jones approached 20,000 the Wall Street Journal made the following statement: “Perhaps this rally hasn’t ended. Perhaps it has just begun.”


Fact check: The rally has been going on for 8 years. It has already broken records. Heretofore, other bull markets did not last that long.


“Buy Low, Sell High”


The vast majority of investors don’t follow the simple maxim of “buying low.” Instead, they “buy high.” You would be making the same error if you made stock purchases, recently.


Some astute investors purchased their stocks in 2008 and sold them in 2015 or so. Billionaire George Soros sold his stocks a couple years back and moved his funds into gold. Perhaps, the best policy is to sell a portion of your “profit-making” stocks and buy some gold. Who knows?


“Putting Money in Gold”


Many stock trading professionals will “take some profits after a certain percentage gain.” Then, instead of leaving the money in cash, they might buy a little gold. Did you know that some wealthy families store their gold bars in Swiss bank accounts? This is old family wealth that might go back centuries.


You might not have the opportunity to replicate their actions, if not for US Money Reserve and other firms. “If you want to be rich, do what rich people do.” Rich people own gold. US Money Reserve allows regular people to buy gold.


You could add a single gold coin, if you want. The gold IRA is also a possibility. The US government has made it legal for you to place some of your retirement dollars into gold. Obviously, the US government understands the value of gold.


“All good things must come to an end.” You might not know why, you might not know when, but they will. Don’t be caught unawares, like in 2008, buy US Money Reserve gold to prepare.


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