DeVoses and More!

Dick DeVos is a top U.S. public persona who holds more than 18,000 Facebook and Twitter followings altogether, not to mention hundreds of relevant business and personal followings on LinkedIn. He has worked hard alongside his wife of many years, U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, to fund and further support countless U.S. charity organizations and individuals needing philanthropic support. He has recently passed $139 in total donations and holds that amount as only a small number in comparison with his plans for future contributions though he holds that such a number is not small, when one really considers its full implications.


Dick was also none other than the NBA Orlando Magic President and CEO from 1991 to 1993 and later held his own as CEO of Amway Global up until 2002, when he became President of the Windquest Group. He is still President there. He is also a fierce supporter of the conservative values and educational rights of many in today’s American, postmodern culture; he holds that now, more than ever, is the perfect time for America to re-align its values to what really matters in life. That’s why he has given so much money to help reform the education system in America; he has also funded countless solid Republican candidates who have ran for numerous positions. His wife is no less a firm believer and an avid supporter of such causes and right as well; she is, after all, our Secretary of Education, is she not?


Dick notes that it all happens from beautiful downtown Grand Rapids, Mich., where he resides. That is where the thought bubble process begins, where the brainstorming is at its fiercest and where the checks get sent out from; he can’t even keep count of all the places and people that he has helped, but he knows – and his wife affirms – that they are many. To give more than $139 million dollars away is no easy feat, as one can imagine, much less is earning that money in the first place. Nonetheless, those who are given much are always expected to give much back in return, as that is a crucial life motto that the DeVoses make sure to never forget.


When you think about their giving success and status for the year 2015, alone, you’ll perhaps be shocked and inspired altogether to find that the DeVoses generously gave more than $11 and a half million dollars to numerous charities around the globe. Every year adds up as you can imagine. Imagine their totaled contributions, for example, in the year 2050; that number hopes to truly astound many proud Americans. That is the very direction in which Dick sets his course.