Rocketship Education Is Working Hard To Eliminate The Achievement Gap:

Elementary Schools in Davidson County Tennessee will have to wait a year before finding out the results of academic progress their students made the previous year. To simplify this, while the TNReady results are ready for the rest of the school system in the state, the focus regarding Tennessee’s elementary school students will shift to one solely looking at proficiency.

Student progress in Nashville schools is currently being tracked by a separate assessment from the TNReady. This is the NWEA Measures of Academic Progress (MAP). Proficiency scores are certainly important but it must be noted that they only reveal where a student is at a specific moment in time. When a school uses growth scores to assess students, the progress made over an extended period of time is measured. In other words, growth scores ask how much progress has been made by the student as opposed to whether or not the student is where they are supposed to be at yet.

MAP is currently being used around the world by over 7 thousand schools. Rocketship Public Schools has been a huge proponent of the assessment and has been using it since the organization opened its first school. Rocketship understands that while growth is important for all students, it has a special place of importance for students from difficult economic backgrounds. Data shows that students born into economic hardship start school behind their peers and tend to never catch up with them. This points to a need for assessment of growth because it presents evidence as to whether students who are underperforming will be able to catch up with their peer group.

About Rocketship Education:

Rocketship Education is a system of public elementary charters school operating across the nation. The organization was founded in 2006 as a nonprofit corporation and serves communities that suffer from economic hardship.

Rocketship Education’s core model of instruction is based on an approach that is led by teachers and supported by technology. The goal is to give a personal touch to learning that matches up students with the right instruction and content at the right time for the student. The organization has a goal of doing away with the achievement gap.