Chainsmokers Still Smoking the Charts

In April 2017, The Chainsmokers released their debut studio album: Memories…Do Not Open. The album debuted at number 1 in the Billboard charts, with over 200,000 album sales in the first week alone. A year later, the sales may not be quite as dramatic, but Memories…Do Not Open still continues to dominate the Billboard’s Top Dance/Electronic charts. This record-setting return to number 1 represents their 34th week at the top. They now rank third (tying with Gorillaz’ Demon Days) for number of non-consecutive weeks at the top of the Dance charts – and this probably won’t be the last week either.

The EDM-pop duo first achieved fame through self-released song #Selfie, a catchy song with millennial humor and a rich techno-beat that quickly went viral. They were quickly snatched up by independent label Dim Mak Records and then Republic Records for global distribution. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, the minds behind the music, have since joined the ranks of DJ’s and collaborative mixers who create albums together with established artists, using unique voices to create a range of songs that fuse different music styles.

For example, Memories…Do Not Open includes three main chart chart-topping songs. In Something Like This, The Chainsmokers work with British rock band Coldplay to create a fusion sound that combines rock and electronic dubs. In Closer, another song from the same album, The Chainsmokers work with rising American pop star Halsey for a more conversational sound with a song tailored to her voice and style. Together with their first single, Paris, these three different songs draw a variety of different listeners to their album, helping to keep them on top.

This combination of styles and sounds has definitely worked, securing Memories…Don’t Open’s the top spot week after week. While new release albums like those from Calvin Harris, Kygo, and Above&Beyond occasionally take the top spot of the Electronic Dance charts, Memories…Do Not Open never stays down for long. Currently rated at Platinum in the United States with over a million sales, the album has also performed well overseas – and seems poised to continue to do so for some time.