David Samadi Success Story

Dr. David Samadi has become very popular in the international community in the recent times. The renowned physician specializes in oncology and men health, and he has accomplished so much in his career. Since he graduated from the university, Samadi has been able to perform thousands of prostate cancer surgeries. In a recent interview, the renowned doctor and surgeon says that 90 percent of his patients are cancer free because they received the right treatment. While conducting these surgeries, David Samadi used the Robotic surgical method, and this is why he has been doing well.

Although David Samadi has been fortunate to work in various medical facilities in the past, he is currently working at a prestigious hospital that is known as Lennox Hill Hospital. The medical center is based in New York City, and it has offered many people a new chance of life. Samadi is the chief of surgery at the famous hospital. Apart from treating prostate cancer patients, the doctor has also assisted the people living with bladder cancer. His expertise in oncology has made him very popular in the international platform.

Cancer is feared by both young and old. Despite the vast medical advancements in the recent times, people from many parts of the world continue to die due to the disease. Physicians are working day and night to come up with the right form of treatment so that cancer patients can receive the cure they are longing for. David Samadi has been very instrumental in the oncology department. The renowned physician has proven to the world that he can quickly diagnose and at the end of the day treat different forms of cancer.

In an interview with one of the famous stations, the doctor says that early detection is the best way to successful cancer treatment. Detecting cancer in time can be a challenging task because in most cases, there are no symptoms in the patient. David Samadi wishes to assist more people to live a good life by making cancer treatment affordable and efficient.

Although Samadi is very successful as a doctor at the moment, he has come a very long way. At one time, he had to live without his parents after he relocated to Belgium from Iran. Although life without his parents was not easy, Samadi worked hard so that he could change lives of people in the society. His success story has been shared on many platforms so that people can get help and more

A Review on Dr. Jennifer Walden

Ms. Jennifer Lee Walden is sincerely the jack of all trades. Not only is she a plastic surgeon, but she is also a media commentator and an author. She also had a very strong academic background where she was awarded salutatorian; second highest ranked graduate in the entire graduating class. Dr. Jennifer Walden began her career in Manhattan. She spent seven and a half years there participating in multiple clinical trials where the silicone breast implant was first introduced. She now currently resides in Austin, Texas where she founded her private plastic surgery center. At only 45 years of age, I find it inspiring that she had such a huge dream, implemented a plan, and it came into fruition. I think it is safe to say Walden’s parents had quite the influence on their daughter both residing in the medical field. Her mother was a surgical nurse, and her father was a dentist. In my experience, I have found that the opposite usually occurs, so it is interesting having shared career field interests with your parents. I also enjoyed reading how Walden kept up with the times in her offices. Using 3-D imaging technology, she is recognized for taking a more advanced approach with her clients. I think that is extremely appealing for plastic surgery procedures so that each client can get a real world view at what their results will look like. In my opinion, an old-school or traditional approach may not be as appealing to consumers who eagerly want a view above the surface. In return from the buzzing recognition, Walden received many awards. I want to highlight that American Way awarded her with the “The Best Plastic Surgeons in America” award, which is huge! Juggling children and her own private practice, Walden still manages to engage in successful partnership with notable companies such as Venus Concept, Sciton Inc., ThermiAesthetics, and Ideal Implant and more


Oncotarget: Improving Research in Oncology

Oncotarget was started in 2010. It is a medical journal that publishes papers on oncology. Oncotarget is free to access and is published online on a weekly basis. The journal accepts papers in other fields such as aging, cardiology, microbiology, and pharmacology even though it was started to publish articles on oncology only. The journal is also peer reviewed meaning that the content the journal publishes is relevant and of high quality.

The journal has two editors-in-chief on Facebook. They include Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei Gudkov. He is also a professor and Garman family chair in cell biology. Mikhail has authored over 200 articles and is the associate editor of some journals such as Autophagy and the International Journal of Cancer. Blagosklonny has been influential in the development of new and unique cancer treatment methods on scijournal.org. He has been heavily involved in the research of rapamycin and its effects on aging.

Oncotarget’s editorial board is made up of more accomplished scientists who have been instrumental in the journal’s success over the years. Some of the top papers that have been published in the journal include MET amplification and its role as a therapeutic in gastric cancer and how e-cigarettes can cause gum tissue. The Journal has maintained a high impact factor since it was started. The journal was ranked the top journal in the Oncology section last year. It also had a 5.008 impact factor in the previous year and had an average of 5.4 since it was started. The editors of the paper on bioxbio.com have worked to ensure that the journal does not recede its position as one of the top journals.

The journal hopes to accomplish some goals including allowing discoveries to be made quickly, making scientific results accessible rapidly and linking different fields at http://endnote.com/downloads/style/oncotarget. Studies can be shared quickly because it releases an issue weekly. It also allows researchers to write more articles. Oncotarget helps to widen the reach of the research that is published in its journal because it is found online and has free access. This means that people from all over the world have access to groundbreaking research which in the end might help them to make significant discoveries. The current issue and the archives of previous issues are hosted on the site.