Successful career of Peter Briger at Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is a trendsetter on matters of finances and investments. It was created in 1998 as a private equity firm. In 2007, it became a publicly traded company and for that matter the first large-scale private equity firm. To be listed on NYSE. Today Fortress Investment Group controls over $43 billion of assets. They have over 1,750 individual investors as well as hedge funds and permanent capital vehicles. Its headquarters are in New York and currently employs over 900 people. There are three principals at Fortress Investment Group namely Randal Nardone, Wes Edens and Peter Briger who joined the firm much later than the others. He also serves from San Francisco. Fortress Investment Group is has been around for over two decades, and the impact it has created in the financial sector is enormous.

From experience it has had in the past two decades, it is now excellent with the management of mergers and acquisitions. Its personnel has in-depth knowledge of the industry, and they are able to make decisions which ensure there is efficient delivery of services. When it comes to matters of capital markets, this is the company you want to work with, they will not disappoint and will ensure that you succeed in your efforts. They have expertise which allows them to secure financing through equity and debt markets. Fortress Investment Group is also known for managing portfolio companies. A decade after the company went public, it has been acquired by SoftBank, a Japanese multinational. However, even with the acquisition, Fortress investment group will continue operating independently with the three principals still leading the firm.

Peter Briger

Peter Briger joined Fortress Investment Group in 2002. He was previously working with Goldman Sachs. He now leads the Fortress Credit division. This division has interests in real estate and credit. Peter Briger is one of the most successful people in business. The Forbes lists him among the 400 successful professionals. He therefore belongs to the billionaires club. Peter Briger has a master’s degree in Business Administration from the Wharton School of Business. He also has a bachelors in arts from Princeton University.

Randal Nardone, Co-founder of Fortress Investment Group

Randal Nardone, Co-founder of Fortress Investment Group

Randal Nardone is the top executive at the Fortress Investment Group. This is an investment firm that has an excellent track of accomplishment when it comes to investment. Randal Nardone had served as the principal and the co-founder of this firm since 1998 when he founded it. Besides being the co-founder and the principal of this firm, he is also a member of the board of directors that runs Fortress Investment Group. Following his unwavering efforts as the principal executive at the Fortress Investment Group, Randal Nardone has played a significant role in elevating this firm to its current position as one of leading financial services firm.


Randal has a legal background, which enables him to make legal decisions that facilitate effective management in the firm as well as completion of vital transactions in the firm. His entrepreneur course gained momentum soon after he graduated from the high school. When he first decided to establish his first venture, Randal knew that he was bound to face various challenges just like any other startup entrepreneur. However, having worked with multiple firms in various capacities, Randal Nardone is well versed in the financial sector, and he knew he had exactly what is required to do what he does best.

Randal Joins the Forbes List of Billionaires

Randal Nardone’s success at the Fortress Investment Group and in the general life is a clear indication that the ability to deliver is not entirely dependent on the academic pursuit. According to the Forbes magazine, Randal is among the wealthiest persons, and Forbes has ranked him position 557 in the list of the richest.

His Academic Pursuit

Randal is a graduate of Connecticut University where he earned his first degree in arts, biology, and English. Later on, he joined Boston university school of law where graduated with a degree in doctor of jurisprudence. However, his interest seemed more on the financial niche rather than litigation. This way, when he was learning the law, he decided to learn about other measures that could later help him link his legal practices to the financial management skills that then pushed him to where he is today. Fortress Three Top Executives Split $44 Million Bonuses In 2015

Madison Street Capital Helps ARES Security Corporation in Raising Investment Capital

Madison Street Capital is an innovative investment banking company. In January 2017, Madison Street Capital helped its client ARES Security Corporation close a low debt investment and minority equity deal. ARES Security Corporation is a risk management firm, based in Vienna, VA, which pioneers in the provision of comprehensive security software solutions to customers. Madison Street Capital acted as financial advisor for their client during the negotiation meetings. Corbel Structured Equity Partners offered minority recapitalization to ARES Security Corporation during the transaction. The success of this arrangement was made public by the head of the company, Charles Botchway.


One of the lead officers who facilitated this deal is Reginald McGaugh. Mr. McGaugh acts as the senior managing director of Madison Street Capital. McGaugh was impressed at how smooth the transaction was and thanked Ben Eazzetta, an investor at ARES Security Corporation. He also acknowledged this firm for excelling in the provision of technology solutions to its vast clientele. According to McGaugh, this company is endowed with an experienced management team that played a huge role in making the transaction a success. Ben also expressed his gratitude to Madison Street Capital for working relentlessly to ensure his company achieves its goal. He also pointed out that the ARES Security Corporation was impressed by the protocol used, including valuation analysis, initial due diligence, and most importantly the procedure for raising the capital. According to the officials at ARES Security Corporation, its partnership with Corbel Structured Equity Partners is one dedicated to raising sufficient equity value. These executives also acknowledged that their partners offer flexible capital solutions that will enable them to grow and increase and their revenue.


Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital has set exceptional standards when it comes to the provision of services, such as valuation of public and private businesses, financial advisory services, mergers, and acquisitions. This firm is dedicated to providing services while employing values of excellence, leadership, and integrity. Madison Street Capital’s services are tailored to make its customers excel in the marketplace. This firm operates on the motto that every client’s goals and objectives are equally important to them. Therefore, when they take over a new project, Madison Street Capital becomes committed to making sure that the client succeeds. When it comes to matters of ownership transfers, mergers &acquisitions transactions, and capital raising activities, this company takes center stage. This enterprise is always looking to fund emerging markets. Madison Street Capital reputation has extended both locally and in the international market.