How Dr. Villanueva Is Changing The Face Of Dental Care

Dr. Christ Steven Villanueva is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of MB2 Dental Solutions. MB2 Dental Solutions provides affiliated dentists with all the support they need to run their business so that their time is freed to concentrate on their patients. Dr. Villanueva has run his own practice and been involved in the corporate dentistry side of the market. He started MB2 Dental Solutions because he had a clear vision of what dentists needed in order to operate their practices. Today the company has 70 affiliated dental locations in six states and employees over 500 people. The company is headquartered in Carrollton, Texas.

Dr. Villanueva has said that when he graduated from dental school there were really only two options available; join a large practice or start a private practice. He came up with the idea where you could get the best of both worlds; the support and technological advantages of a large practice as well as the autonomy of owning your own business. MB2 Dental Solutions was his answer and is what he provides to his clients. He has built MB2 Dental Solutions primarily on the people, including his employees and member dentists, rather than on other issues such as proprietary software, marketing idea, etc. Those other issues are important, of course, but he believes having the right people and establishing a community is the most important part of his business.

His philosophy in running the business is to hire smart people for positions and then stay out of their way. Dr. Villanueva thinks that a big mistake many CEO’s make is to be too involved in the day-to-day operations and end up micromanaging their staff.

Like almost all industries, the field of dentistry is being remade due to rapid advancements in technology. Dr. Villanueva is excited about how technology changes the industry and all of the new technology on the horizon.

The founding principle that Dr. Villanueva established with MB2 Dental is that dentists working together can accomplish more together rather than working entirely separately. He has said that his company is offering a fresh perspective on how to operate a dental management firm that allows the dentists to focus on what they do best, which is patient care.