Barbara Stoke’s life in a nutshell

Barbara Stokes is married to Scott Stokes and they have three children. With some good expertise in Disaster and Relief management, Barbara Stokes stands on the helm of humanitarian efforts. She is also the current Chief Executive Officer of Green Structure Homes, a company located in Alabama. She is a graduate from Mercer University where she graduated in 2001 after having majored in Biomedical Engineering and Physics. She went on to study thermodynamics, technical communication, structures and properties of materials. All this knowledge gained is what is helping her to recognizable figure in the industry. Read this article at

Before comment a contract with FEMA while working with the government, she ventured and worked for Boeing and Pisces Corporation. FEMA, also known as Federal Emergency Management Agency has been engaging with Barbara Stokes ever since she and her husband founded Huntsville company. Huntsville and FEMA worked hand in hand to cover modular and on-site construction that has state of the art design that is safe and permanent. The two firms also provided commercial solutions and manufacturing and engineering techniques. The commitment of the two partners to work together has not only provided state of the art construction solutions but also created job opportunities for a lot of people. These job opportunities have cut across states such as Alabama and even to counties such as North Carolina, Texas, Florida and many more.


The partnership has also seen them provide utility facilities to military projects and also build houses for campuses not forgetting residential development. A key project that was done recently by the two was concerning bullet-resistant guard shacks. This project was done for the military. In September 2017 GHS donated a whopping 28 million dollar building contract in support to shelter affected persons. The contract given to the government was completed in March 2018.

Barbara’s day in nutshell begins very early in the morning and due to the tight schedule, she has, ends very late. With the airtight schedule, she has every day, she tries as much to spend time with her kids by taking part in volunteering activities in their schools. She is also a firm believer in striking a balance between family and work. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

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