A Little About TheRealReal

TheRealReal is a consignment store that offers resale of many luxury items. These items can be Gucci, Channel, and many more. TheRealReal has many social media pages. One such page is their Instagram page.

When, searching their Instagram page one might think they have score an excellent deal. However, that excellent deal might be gone in a moments notice. If one lingers too long on the fence TheRealReal Channel handbag one was looking at might disappear from the website.

On their Instagram page TheRealReal show many of the items it has on display at their one brick-and-mortar location in Los Angeles and on the website. The items offered on the website are no different from those offered at the brick-and-mortar site. Regardless of where one shops, online or onsite TheRealReal deal could be gone in a moments notice.

Their Instagram page displays many beautiful pictures of their vintage site. Their vintage site has many excellent deals to offer in ceramics. All the pieces are from another time in the world. When we look at these wonderful pieces offered on the vintage site we wonder were they might have come from. The pieces on the vintage site are as authentic as the Gucci bags you might find at TheRealReal brick-and-mortar store.

At their Los Angeles store TheRealReal has many name brand products for sale that one might not find at any better price. The company buys Channel from celebrities and others. Then the company will turn around and display that Channel on their website and at their brick-and-mortar store in Los Angeles.

The Channel rack is displayed on their Instagram page. They enjoy displaying all they can when it comes to the latest fashion trends. They advertise their site and store on Instagram. TheRealReal is looking like it is in this for the long run.

Find out more about  the RealReal: https://www.businessoffashion.com/articles/bits-bytes/bits-bytes-the-realreal-hunts-for-funding-robots-to-replace-humans-in-retail

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