Malcolm CasSelle is Bringing Confidence to Gamers Everywhere

Malcolm CasSelle is CIO of the global leader in sales of in-game virtual assets called OPSkins. CasSelle earned a degree in Computer Science after attending both MIT and Stanford University. The education Malcolm received from these institutions allowed him to apply his knowledge and skills to leading in massive sales within the gaming industry, assisting those wanting to trade their virtual assets. Currently OPSkins is the top bitcoin merchant on earth that has followers from all over the world and they created a platform for virtual asset trading for them named WAX.


WAX stands for (Worldwide Asset eXchange) and is a person to person marketplace that allow those who are buying and for those who are selling to trade in an efficient way their virtual assets. When it comes to virtual trading online, there are two problems that goes with trading these assets among people trying to make this kind of transaction, and those are fraud and fragmentation. Doing business online can bring unexpected losses of funds and can ruin the experience for the 400 million users that does virtual trading on a constant basis. The safest way to to do this is using cryptocurrency as the main legal way to handle an online transaction.


The good news is that, what WAX does is solve these issues with a blockchain-enabled widget letting users buy and sell virtual goods continuing to play the game they are engaged in at the same time. On a large scale, fragmentation is a global problem no matter where you are located, so it’s refreshing to hear that WAX has the solution, rather you are a victim or wanting to prevent being a victim of fraud. Malcolm CasSelle is revolutionizing the gaming industry right now with WAX and giving gamers all over the world confidence in buying and selling their virtual assets.


NewsWatch TV – Product Reviews, is it Worth the Money?

What is NewsWatch TV

NewsWatch TV is an award winning show that airs across the nation on multiple network platforms. NewsWatch TV first began airing in 1990. Millions of viewers have the ability to view online reviews, interviews, and celebrity promo’s. NewsWatch TV hosts small vignettes from a multitude of vendors such as; Sony, Google, Panasonic and many others. Because it reaches every major city in the U.S., makes this venue perfect for vendors to showcase their merchandise to the public via online networks and social media.

A Great Value

The cost of NewsWatch TV’s segments depends on how much exposure a vendor wants. NewsWatch TV can produce and air segments on one network or they can air it on a cluster of networks. Each segment is uniquely designed based on the vendors needs, so therefore there are multiple price ranges. The great benefit that NewsWatch TV has to offer; everything is done in-house. Television and video production is designed and created by NewsWatch TV’s professional staff. Since everything is done in-house, NewsWatch TV has the ability to offer competitive prices to their clients.

NewsWatch TV takes on the majority of the airing fees to keep everything on the show relevant and exciting for their followers and fan base. NewsWatch TV’s production team years of combined production experience. The studios are located in Washington, D.C., and they have all the latest equipment. All segments and reviews are shot in full 1080p HD. The production team works closely with the clients and provides all scripts and video edits. NewsWatch TV makes sure each video is perfected before it hits the airwaves to their followers.

NewsWatch TV’s renown success comes from not only their expertise, but their customer service skills. Promoting products via their platform is well worth the cost. Again, the cost is affordable because everything is done within NewsWatch TV’s production company. Their affordability and expertise are well worth the money spent for consumers to learn about new products from various vendors.

James Dondero and Highland Capital Making a Comeback for the Finance World

When it comes to the idea of finances, there are many individuals who still don’t understand what to do. Between mortgages, student loans, and high credit issues, people continue to see the world of finance as though it is only a bad thing. However, the role of finances and financial planning in the average American home is one of the most important and powerful things currently around. If individuals just took the time to understand a little bit more about their own personal finances and investments, then they would be much happier and much more prepared. Visit his website at

When it comes to understanding the role of a financial professional, the first thing someone should do is to understand that not every financial planner, analyst, or adviser is the same and carries the same importance or experience. Some advisers are skilled in certain areas, some have more experience than others, and some even cater to different clients as well. However, when you are looking for an adviser, then you want to be sure you find someone who can serve you above all other items. One specific financial adviser who has been making waves is James Dondero, and with his organization of Highland Capital Management, the world of finance has never looked cleaner.


Clients come to financial advisers for a handful of reasons and at different times in their respective lives. However, one thing that continues to reign true is that almost anyone visiting a financial adviser has a question, a problem, or just needs some help to be more comfortable about a strategy or a particular investment. When you have an adviser who has all of the wealth in the entire financial world but who isn’t able to explain it to their clients, the problem is they can’t do anything with respect to providing value in the form of a service. However, when you think about a financial adviser who is specifically skilled with discussing higher-level concepts from the investing and financial realm, you will find someone who adds true value to their clients.

In fact, while no-one will question the value that James Dondero and Highland Capital bring to the table in terms of their specific financial and market information, some would argue that the most important thing that James and Highland Capital brings is their ability to communicate. When it comes to being aware of the financial futures you can have, just be sure to remember James Dondero and Highland Capital for your best and most confident understanding. Read more about James Dondero on

Fabletics-Changing the Athleisure Market

Fabletics is a brand that people like because it is not only convenient, but it is a brand that promotes healthy living and is affordable. The designs are fun and practical and the advocate of Fabletics, Kate Hudson, is likable. She also endorses her own brand. Customers are much more likely to buy a product when the endorser actually uses the product they are promoting.


Kate Hudson is s great fit for the company. She is very involved with Fabletics and oversees a lot of the behind-the-scenes that are required to keep the company growing. Hudson is passionate about the company and uses the information collected by the lifestyle Quiz to give her customers exactly what they want. When new members join Fabletics, they can fill out a Lifestyle Quiz that helps to provide a personalized shopping experience for them. It also gives Fabletics a better idea of what their customers are looking for.


Fabletics didn’t grow into success overnight but instead gradually got more successful. The company took its time and really got to know the culture of its culture base before really scaling into a $250 million dollar company. The company realized that there was no athleisure brand that offered workout wear that would really get someone motivated to work out. Also, the prices on athleisure wear were expensive and unaffordable for most people. Fabletics changed the concept that something has to be expensive to be of good quality.


Fabletics has also avoided getting affected negatively by what is known as “reverse showrooming.” This is when shoppers browse merchandise only to buy it elsewhere at a lower price. Fabletics has about 30 to 50 percent of their shoppers in their stores that are already members, and typically another 25 percent decide to join. It doesn’t matter where their customers shop, either because it all counts towards their items for the month.


The company currently has over 20 retail stores and has big plans for expansion. They are expecting to grow quickly in the upcoming years as well.


Fabletics has become a leader in the athleisure brand, and it continues to grow. Celebrities such as Demi Lovato has fully embraced the brand as well, and they love that Fabletics is about empowerment and about feeling great in your skin. Although Hudson doesn’t have any plans to retire as an actress, she is still very involved and passionate about Fabletics.

Adam Milstein – A Lifetime of Nurturing Pride in Jewish People

A Philanthropist Driven to Instill Pride

Adam Milstein is driven to instill pride in the Jewish people. He is a passionate speaker about the importance of Jewish people to gain a deeper connection to and pride in their culture. He delivers his message through speeches, blogs, and videos. He is an active philanthropist funding organization that address the needs o the Jewish people in both United States and Israel. In a post in the Times of Israel, Milstein explained his point of view: “There is nothing more powerful than understanding who you are and taking pride in where you came from.”

Addressing the Needs of Fragmented Jewish Communities

As an Israeli living in the United States, Milstein saw how isolated and fragmented the Jewish communities in America had become. He observed that young Jewish adults were adrift and not anchored in their Jewish identity. He was drawn to support organizations that addressed these conditions. With the partnership of his wife, Gila Milstein, he founded the Milstein Family Foundation. Guided by Milstein’s beliefs, the foundation was instrumental in supporting the growth of the Israeli-American Council (IAC) and Students Supporting Israel (SSI).

Israeli-American Council Now a National Organization

The IAC serves adults, families, and children by providing programs, events, and educational materials. Its mission is to strengthen relationships between Israeli Americans and Israel as well as foster communication and understanding between the Israeli-American and Jewish American communities in the United States. Launched in 2007, by 2014 the IAC was a national organization with over 50,000 members.

Students Supporting Israel on College Campuses

Like the IAC, the work of Students Supporting Israel (SSI), founded in 2012, is to improve how well North Americans understand Israel as a nation and provides community for students who feel isolated by their support of Israel. Adam Milstein’s early support of SSI helped to strengthen the pride and courage of young Jewish leaders on the many college campuses where SSI operates.

Milstein and the Eight Gifts for the Next Generation

Pride, Courage, Persistence, Knowledge, Innovation, Belief in the Impossible, Brotherhood, and Passion. These are the gifts Adam Milstein has given to Israeli-Americans and Jewish people through his philanthropy and advocacy. Milstein challenges others to join him in passing on these gifts. “Let us give and inspire all eight of these gifts…. Together we can write a new chapter in the ancient story of the Jewish people.”

For more information on Adam Milstein, please go to Follow Adam Milstein on Twitter: click here

The Most Comprehensive Legal And Advocacy Firm Brasilia

The FAGALI Advocacy is an all-around and professionally specialized legal team with expertise in Anti-Corruption law, Electoral law, Advertising Law, Public, and Compliance Law. The basis of its formation was to provide its clients with exceptionally excellent law practice services, personalized attention, ethical, modern, responsive and of course timely legal interventions, as the industry was becoming competitive.

In compliance, the firm specializes in client support for the acquisition of international certificates, awards on compliance and certificates on anti-corruption measures. It also offers consultancy on the exchange of communication through articles, documents, translations, and related materials. FAGALI Advocacy is also known for its legal services in training, defense, normative mapping, and consultations in Parliamentary Committees of Inquiry. It participates in state prosecution before the Courts of Auditors, jurisprudential mapping, legislative mapping and even Public Controllers.

Spearheading National Electoral Justice
Under Bruno Fagali, the firm offers integral legal actions to ensure electoral justice through accountability, institutional support, and non-partisan adjudication of disputes, intraparty campaign billing, legal aid, and advertising. FAGALI has achieved these feats by means of lectures, external sessions, institutional training and electoral reforms through electoral rights translations.

The Leader of FAGALI Advocacy
Bruno Fagali is a founding partner of the FAGALI Advocacy and a force to reckon with in the legal profession. He is a specialist in contentious areas of law including Public Law, Parliamentary Law, Anti-Corruption, Election and Electoral Laws. Bruno Fagali is also the Coordinator of the Ethics and Advertising Commission as well as a member of the Society of the Corporate Compliance (SCCE).

Fagali has had the honor and privilege to serve in the Radi, Calil and Co. Associates, Manesco Perez & Azevedo Marques Advocates as well as at the Tojal, Teixeira Ferreira, Serrano & Co. Advocates. Bruno Fagali is a Bachelor of Laws holder from the PUC-SP class of 2009 and a Master of Law Degree from the Faculty of Law at USP (class of 2015-2017).

Awards and National Roles
Bruno Fagali won the FGV-GV Award in Law in the 2nd half of 2016. The award is a bimonthly state recognition on outstanding legal personalities. Doubling up in these roles, Bruno Fagali has also served as a trainer in the Institute of Administrative Law in Paulista, while also serving in the Brazilian Society of Public Law as an electoral law expert and consultant.

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