David Giertz Discusses Important Financial Matters

At 52 years of age, David Giertz has an experience of 30 years in his finance career. During his career he has served as the senior Vice president of Nationwide Financial distribution and Sales Nationwide Life Insurance Company since April 2013. Additionally, David Giert has also served as the president of Financial Distributors since March 2013.Due to his financial expertise he has also served as Director, senior vice president and president in many organizations.

David is a financial advisor having passed the required four exams and currently works for Nationwide Investment Service Corporation on Facebook. He is a registered broker and offers his services to the organizations involved in selling and buying of securities such as bonds, shares and debentures. He engages with firms that are registered as security dealers and can trade on behave of these firms or on his own account. David Giertz seems to conduct all his businesses in a professional manner and has not had any disclosures to the body that regularizes financial advisors. Disclosures involves telling of any issues that may prevent proper performance of the financial advisors. The issues raised under the disclosure section include customer complaints, personal interests, and professional conduct among other issues.

David Giertz speaks about people’s misconception about social security and states that the issue results on Nationwide in less income or unanticipated taxes to the retirees. In this case he advises people to have a retirement plan that will maximize the benefits that people get from social security. The plan involves an activity that generates income to ensure that people secure their livelihoods after retirement at http://www.whitepages.com/name/David-L-Giertz/Columbus-OH/7x2w2br. He emphasizes that social security is a sensitive issue and that people should handle it with care to avoid disappointments when they retire. He further emphasizes that people should not rely on just what they get as social security but should have a way of making the best out of what they get.

The Rise of Marc Sparks, Dallas-Based Serial Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist

Marc Sparks is an astute businessman and philanthropist from Dallas who strongly believes that no one should enjoy his or her success and wealth alone. After completing his high school diploma, he ventured in different startups. Marc did not proceed to college or university, and he attributes his success in business to his strong faith in God and a positive mental attitude.

The Timber Creek Capital is one of the most successful endeavors of Marc. He founded this company with the sole objective of assisting passionate and promising entrepreneurs in turning their business dreams into income-generating products and services. This company offers a variety of services ranging from legal and banking services to web development and graphics.

Timber Creek Capital also provides office space and equipment and is also a platform for entrepreneurs to share ideas and network. Today, this company has relocated to a spacious facility to allow the incubation of more startups in their facility.

Other companies that this visionary entrepreneur has purchased or found are the Cobalt Real Estate Services, Splash Media, Blue Jay Wireless, and Cardinal Telecom LLC. In 2015, Marc founded the Bonn Oir Company, an established manufacturer of vodka, and also Uncle Marc Food Delivery, a business that provides food delivery services in Dallas.

Others that he successfully started and sold in the past are the Agency Matrix, Reliant Healthcare, the GlobalTec Solutions, and Boxstart LLC.

Mark Sparks’ venture capitalism programs have garnered both successes and helped many business-minded people become successful entrepreneurs. Venture capitalism is very risky, and Mark has had a hard time assessing and reviewing the speculations in various businesses.

However, given his passion, outstanding interest in business, and speculating eyes that are always on point he had obtained success from venture capitalism.

Marc Spark also has the heart for the less fortunate people in the society. He is an active philanthropist in different charitable organizations in Dallas. Marc has contributed heavily to the building of a house for the needy through the Habitat for Humanity initiative.

Also, he established the Sparky’s Kids with the main aim of helping the underprivileged youths in Dallas to continue their education. Marc has also contributed charitable initiates such as donating one thousand computers to economically disadvantaged families through the American Can Academy.

He has further involved with the Samaritan Inn for more than 20 years in providing a shelter for the homeless in Texas.