Securus Technologies And Their Battle With GTL

Securus Technologies has clients in law enforcement, public safety and corrections facilities. Their focus is to serve and protect. They try to make the world a safer place. Their headquarters is located in Texas. Securus has made corrections to a GTL release in order to clarify numerous incorrect claims.


The first allegation stated GTL was seeking injunctions for damages from Securus regarding a patent. The Patent Appeals Board agreed to move forward with the lawsuit filed by GTS. The correction made by Securus states that due to the case being stayed in Federal Court GTL cannot seek the relief they claim they are owed. Securus is going ahead with a rehearing and the patent has not yet been validated. For this reason GTL can no longer seek an injunction.


The second allegation involves the technology used by Securus for visitor monitoring purposes. This system is required in jails and prisons in the United States who use a system for visualization. The correction says GTL actually has only one independent claim and that they do not use this security feature.


The third allegation states the PTAB decided all innovations can receive a patent. This allowed GTL go back to court to protect their technology. Securus responded by saying the PTAB did not make this determination and said they would review the claim instead. No decision has been reached as to whether GTL will be able to go back to the courtroom.


The fourth allegation claimed GTL was within a few months of going back to court. They said three patents were targeted by Securus. Securus corrected this statement by saying they are not months away from a court date. Securus believes they do not use and of GTL’s technology.


The fifth allegation seeks damages for the patented technologies of GTL being used by Securus. Securus says they do not use any of their technology so no infringement has occurred.


The sixth and final allegation claims Securus has a pattern of suing their competitors and are now putting their claims in the media. Securus says this information is false. They currently hold double the amount of patents possessed by GTL.

I Don’t Need Gold – My Stocks Keep Rising: Fallacy

United States stocks have had quite an impressive run since March 6, 2009 when the Dow Jones was a mere 6,626.94 – hitting a bottom. Now, experts are discussing the possibilities for Dow Jones 20,000. So, why would anyone need to consider gold when stocks are rising, so high?


“All good things must come to end”


If you followed the top financial media, then you should be a billionaire. They are like realtors, who say “now is a great time to buy.” In fact, as the Dow Jones approached 20,000 the Wall Street Journal made the following statement: “Perhaps this rally hasn’t ended. Perhaps it has just begun.”


Fact check: The rally has been going on for 8 years. It has already broken records. Heretofore, other bull markets did not last that long.


“Buy Low, Sell High”


The vast majority of investors don’t follow the simple maxim of “buying low.” Instead, they “buy high.” You would be making the same error if you made stock purchases, recently.


Some astute investors purchased their stocks in 2008 and sold them in 2015 or so. Billionaire George Soros sold his stocks a couple years back and moved his funds into gold. Perhaps, the best policy is to sell a portion of your “profit-making” stocks and buy some gold. Who knows?


“Putting Money in Gold”


Many stock trading professionals will “take some profits after a certain percentage gain.” Then, instead of leaving the money in cash, they might buy a little gold. Did you know that some wealthy families store their gold bars in Swiss bank accounts? This is old family wealth that might go back centuries.


You might not have the opportunity to replicate their actions, if not for US Money Reserve and other firms. “If you want to be rich, do what rich people do.” Rich people own gold. US Money Reserve allows regular people to buy gold.


You could add a single gold coin, if you want. The gold IRA is also a possibility. The US government has made it legal for you to place some of your retirement dollars into gold. Obviously, the US government understands the value of gold.


“All good things must come to an end.” You might not know why, you might not know when, but they will. Don’t be caught unawares, like in 2008, buy US Money Reserve gold to prepare.


Oncotarget: Improving Research in Oncology

Oncotarget was started in 2010. It is a medical journal that publishes papers on oncology. Oncotarget is free to access and is published online on a weekly basis. The journal accepts papers in other fields such as aging, cardiology, microbiology, and pharmacology even though it was started to publish articles on oncology only. The journal is also peer reviewed meaning that the content the journal publishes is relevant and of high quality.

The journal has two editors-in-chief on Facebook. They include Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei Gudkov. He is also a professor and Garman family chair in cell biology. Mikhail has authored over 200 articles and is the associate editor of some journals such as Autophagy and the International Journal of Cancer. Blagosklonny has been influential in the development of new and unique cancer treatment methods on He has been heavily involved in the research of rapamycin and its effects on aging.

Oncotarget’s editorial board is made up of more accomplished scientists who have been instrumental in the journal’s success over the years. Some of the top papers that have been published in the journal include MET amplification and its role as a therapeutic in gastric cancer and how e-cigarettes can cause gum tissue. The Journal has maintained a high impact factor since it was started. The journal was ranked the top journal in the Oncology section last year. It also had a 5.008 impact factor in the previous year and had an average of 5.4 since it was started. The editors of the paper on have worked to ensure that the journal does not recede its position as one of the top journals.

The journal hopes to accomplish some goals including allowing discoveries to be made quickly, making scientific results accessible rapidly and linking different fields at Studies can be shared quickly because it releases an issue weekly. It also allows researchers to write more articles. Oncotarget helps to widen the reach of the research that is published in its journal because it is found online and has free access. This means that people from all over the world have access to groundbreaking research which in the end might help them to make significant discoveries. The current issue and the archives of previous issues are hosted on the site.

Bernard Chua And The Proof Of Success Of The Direct Selling Industry

It’s easy to criticize from afar the success of others. People are often quick to point out the dreams of others as nothing but fantasy not rooted in the real world. And when success that comes to others might seem to be such a natural fit, this is even more apt to be put down as a fluke, or a coincidence.

In the business arena of direct sales, often referred to as multi-level marketing or network marketing, these criticisms can take on decidedly harsh tones that are meant to dissuade others from even believing success is possible. Just don’t tell that to Bernardo Chua.

According to The Street, Bernardo Chua (affectionately known as “Bernie”) began his career in the Philippines working with Mr. Leow Soon Seng at Gano Excel in Malaysia. Starting with just a few distributors Bernardo Chua was able to help the company grow rapidly enough to expand into Hong Kong, Canada and also the United States, where he would also move to California in 2003 and become president of Gano Excel USA.

But Bernardo soon recognized a problem with Gano Excel, a good product and business model is not a guarantee of continued and consistent rising success.

Bringing with him the “magic” of Ganoderma Lucidium, an Asian mushroom known as the “King of Herbs”, he decided to focus his new company on coffee and tea products with Ganoderma as the centerpiece of the marketing strategy.

Starting in a small office in Canada but dreaming ever big Bernie grew his company in just 5 years into being the 55th largest direct selling company in the world, as named by Direct Selling News in 2012. His direct selling marketing techniques have helped his company continue to expand into new markets that now include more than 35 countries and more than a million distributors worldwide.

These amazing accomplishments have earned him and Organo Gold many prestigious wards that include, most recently, the notable Dangal ng Bayan award for Business and Industry in 2014.